Sleep like Finners

Sleep like Finners

Sleep Like Finners

I have had a few people comment after seeing how long my child sleeps for in my Instagram stories asking how the hell is that even possible so I thought I would give a little insight on how this 13-15-hour power sleep may have eventuated.

I will let you know what has worked for us. Keep in mind that every child is so very different and among all of my friends with babies I have come to learn what works for 1 baby doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

13-15-hour sleeper

Yes, I have taken Finley to see our Paediatrician here in France because it was a little bit alarming when she would have these giant 13-15 hr sleeps and at the time they started she wasn’t really eating a great deal. So, after reading many things on the internet that stated that baby’s bellies are physically not big enough to hold the amount of food to sleep through the night I was extremely concerned. Once discussing everything with our Dr he said that we had nothing to worry about, she was happy, healthy, hitting all of her milestones and her measurements were right on track. Hallelujah I just have an angel child!

Early Days

From day one everyone wants to play pass the parcel with your newborn baby. That wasn’t the case with Finley. If she was asleep just let the child sleep! By all means when she is awake you can have a hold and a cuddle (only after you have sanitised your hands)! This little bit of crazy in me may have stemmed from a few things one being my horrible anxiety throughout my pregnancy. We did have a scare early on after testing high risk for T18 and Down syndrome. I was so young and healthy and was in complete disbelief when our Doctor asked if we would like to go through the process of termination or pay X amount of dollars to go on to have further testing. Fortunately, we were among the lucky ones after having further testing proving our scans wrong. We have a perfectly healthy precious child which I am extremely grateful for and I like to put that awful period of time to the back of my mind. I do still naturally stress about the little things and I don’t think that is going anywhere anytime soon. The Red Nose Day organisation has been a massive part of my family’s life after my Brother James died of SIDS when he was just 3 months old, his passing has greatly affected my family. He is never far from my thoughts, and when Finley hit the age that he was when he passed it made me so incredibly heartbroken for my parents. She was my whole entire world at that moment (still is now obviously) and I have watched it tear my parents apart over the years. When you have gone through so much over those 9 months to create this tiny fragile piece of perfection that is building their little immune system I will go to every length to keep my baby happy and healthy. So sorry to any of those people I didn’t allow to disrupt my child’s sleep. You now know why.

In saying all of that I do think Finley having her undisturbed naps may have been a factor to her god sent sleeping routine.

For The Love Of Blockout Blinds

I recently did a little interview with The Nanny Emporium where I gave a little insight on how helpful Blockout blinds have been not just for Finley’s sleep but for mine as well. I received some great feedback from this interview so I thought I would share this little piece of information once again.

Firstly, I did start with the basic Bed, Bath, Book, Bottle at the same time every night which helped her routine naturally fall in to place. Over time I noticed sleeping patterns starting to form, she would wake around the same time every day and I knew when she was ready to go back down. Finley started to sleep through from around 4 months old with the dream feed at 10/10.30. It wasn’t until we moved into our French apartment when she was 8months old that she started having these giant sleeps. I put it down to the complete darkness of her room, when I say complete darkness I mean not even the slightest of light can peep through. So, the child has zero idea when the sun rises.

Finley is now 16 months old down to one nap a day, we put her to bed at around 7 and she wakes anywhere between 9/10.30am. Let me just say a few things before you may judge.

Number 1 being that I live in France with zero family to help a sister out so Finley’s cot is like my babysitter. The child is obsessed.

Number 2 being that things don’t open as early and the sun rises a little later than it does back home. So it is simply not necessary for one to wake one up.

Finally, number 3 being that I live by the method “Never wake a sleeping baby” for obvious reasons!

In Conclusion

For the Mothers that are getting up throughout the night to feed their babies that are in need of a good nap during the day or for the babies that wake up when the sun rises I feel installing blockout blinds may be a game changer, like it was for us.  Keep in mind if you have school aged children or you are back at work having these completely shut may make it near impossible to get up of a morning.  

But all in all, we did get lucky with Finley’s love for bedtime so thank the Lord almighty! And let’s just be honest the child is an exact clone of her Father they bloody look identical and if anyone loves a nap and a good old sleep in it is Greg!