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Live To Fight Another Day

DragonsBecky BirdComment
Live To Fight Another Day


I am new to this Super League business but can someone please tell me the purpose of the Million Pound game? Is it to make all 4 teams that unfortunately landed a spot in the middle 8’s, their families, the staff members, the fans and everyone involved with the club have a nervous breakdown?

After a season of injuries, limited players and a change of coach mid-season, our team looked to be heading straight towards the bottom of the table. Unfortunately, the boys were in a position that meant they had to win their last 4 games to keep their position in the Super League and avoid playing for relegation. The boys managed to win the first 3 games, but unfortunately lost the fourth game by 2 points and were left to fight it out in the MP game.

Losing this game means players and staff members contracts are null and void. Players would be left at the end of the season sourcing contracts, families would have to move away from their homes and a whole community of people would be left devastated. Our boys fortunately won this bitter sweet game. YES, I am relieved but it is hard to be entirely happy knowing that the opposing team would be feeling completely gutted!

It is hard to understand the stress and anxiety that this match causes until you have been in a position where it directly impacts your life. Let me tell you the last 6 weeks have felt longer than what my entire pregnancy did! 


Our little French football family has become extremely close in a short period of time. We go through many of the same emotions and we rely on each other for support. Watching this game with all of the players partners and families hoping for a miracle was extremely emotional.

The joy in that room once the boys had won is indescribable! After celebrating into the night, myself, the families and thousands of Catalan Dragons supporters gathered in Perpignan airport to welcome the boys back after their victory. It was an incredible moment to be a part of. The crowd’s chants could be heard from miles away and full-grown men shed tears as they hugged players. It made me realise the impact this game has not just on us but on all of the fans. Merci to all of our boys for coming out with the win on the weekend. You have made your families and supporters extremely proud. 


I am ecstatic that my husbands contract will not be thrown out the window but I am heartbroken for everyone at Leigh. Especially to our good friends that are apart of this club who's future is now unknown. It could have easily been us. I do not believe there will EVER be a good outcome from this Million Pound game! Be Gone!