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C'est Moi

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C'est Moi

Just a little insight…

Here I am just a small-town girl from the Hunter Valley Australia. My parents gave my siblings and I a great childhood. They opened our eyes up to traveling and a world of opportunities. It was when I was around 17 that I knew country life was not for me, I needed more. I moved to Newcastle a bigger town on the coast and it wasn’t long after living there that I was ready to move on. We travelled to the Gold coast quite a bit when I was younger and I always said I was going to live there one day. So, after backpacking around Europe when I was 21 that’s exactly what I did!

It was there on the Gold coast that I met Gregory Bird while he was playing profesh Rugby League who also happened to grow up in the same town as me. We had many mutual friends and we had some hilarious banter going on. Yes, like everyone that watches the news in Australia I did have my opinions on Greg, but it didn’t take long to see that he was a loving, positive, kind hilarious person who I loved being around. He may have slightly added to my anxiety with some of the situations he has found himself in over the years but everyone has a story that has lead them down their path that is called LIFE and we will leave it at exactly that (maybe add to this in a later blog)!

Where we are now…

6 years on, we are now living in the South of France in the cutest little town that we absolutely adore with our 16month old daughter Finley. It is like we have stepped back in time and we have no worries. Every building tells a story, every meal is made with passion and everywhere you look is worth taking a photo. There is history everywhere you turn, countless incredible places to explore and we feel extremely blessed that we have been given this opportunity. We do not watch the news, we do not read the papers (as it is all in French) and our lives are better because of it.

Just a couple of things that we live by is to CHERISH and be GRATEFUL during the good times in life because you never know what tomorrow will bring and even when you think you are doing it tough there are people out there that are dealing with far worse situations. This always pops in to my head when I get down about certain situations that are NOT worth the stress!


I have started my website because I feel this great sense of purpose to share with you some of the incredible countries, cities and cultures that I have been fortunate enough to experience. To maybe inspire others throughout my journey. To document the things that I love and value most in life. So that myself and my family can relive all of our amazing experiences in years to come and also because my child sleeps a lot and I have a lot of time up my sleeve.

Keep your eyes out for…

Of course, my travels and living abroad.

Parenting experiences with my gorgeous 16-month-old daughter Finley.

My teaching journey through Yoga and Pilates, how it has grounded me and brought so much happiness into my life.

All of the things that I love about living a healthy balanced lifestyle and how I will go about instilling these values into my daughter.

Please don’t hesitate to give me any feedback or if you would like to suggest somewhere incredible within Europe that is worth visiting as we are always looking for new places to explore and would love to hear from you.